The Little Octobrists

The Little Octobrists (or October Children) was a Soviet Unions communist organisation for children at the age of 7 – 9. The root of the name is the Russian word oktabrjata, appearing in 1923/24, referring to children born in 1917, the year of the October Revolution.

I started school in 1979, and everyone in our class became Little Octobrists soon after school start. We were asked to buy a Little Octobrists pin and so we did.

Our dark blue school uniform got a pin on the left side of the chest – a little red star with a gold-coloured portrait of young Lenin in the middle.

We did not have any special “Little Octobrists work” to do, except to try to be so good as Lenin in everything we did. Because Lenin as a child was brilliant in every subject and clever in all matters.

So were we told by our teacher. “October Children are Lenin’s grandchildren,” she said.