Based on the director’s childhood memories from growing up in Cold War Soviet Latvia. On finding the bones of a German soldier in her sandbox, Ilze wonders what is buried beneath the authoritarian lies and propaganda around her. She sets off on a voyage of discovery. A story from the recent past that resonates with our lives today.

“Impressive animated memoir.”
- Variety
“Burkovska-Jacobsen uses the freedom of animation to lay out a rich and complicated world.”
- Variety
“A powerful look at her own experience growing up under Soviet rule.”
- Animation Magazine
“The intimacy of lived experience.”
- Cartoon Brew
“Personal and illuminating. Handles it’s tough subject matter with grace and sometimes even a sense of humor. 3.5/4”
“Thoughtful and intriguing, while suitable for all ages”.
“The film resonates with universal significance, recalling that the fight for freedom is never over”.
- Eye for Film
“This is easily one of the best animated films of the year.”
- J.B. Spins
“Democracy is a process, not some static position, and democracy needs our protection today.”
- Zippy Frames interview
"My Favorite War is a moving testament to the fierce resilience and defiance of the Soviet people who refused to let their humanity be grinded by fear and suppression. It is accessible to diaspora of all ages, young and old, and carries a reassuring, albeit bittersweet, message that oppressive systems are vulnerable and better worlds are possible."
- Glasgow Film Festival
“All major changes start with the first step.”
“The film has inspired me. Thanks for sharing.”
- Audience in Hong Kong

My Favorite War wins at the Annecy festival

We were touched by this memoir that is part of a bigger story. It gives a vivid feeling for a young girl growing up and evolving in a small Latvian town during the Soviet occupation. My Favorite War teaches the global value of freedom and demonstrates how a very personal story can be of universal interest.

- Annecy jury, 2020
Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen (Director)


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The Team

Ilze B. Jacobsen
Director, writer
Svein Nyhus
Concept artist
Laima Puntule
Lead background artist
Krišjānis Ābols
Neil Hammer
Arnis Zemītis
Kerija Arne
Toms Burāns
Harijs Grundmanis
Characters & Props
Kārlis Auzāns
Julie Vinten
Reinis Rinka
Ernests Ansons
Sound designer
Guntis Trekteris
Trond Jacobsen
co-director animation